Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New "tenant tax"?

If the City council approves, owners of small apartment buildings, with six or fewer units, will be required to obtain a license at a cost of $150 per unit every five years to allow for city inspections to ensure housing standards are met.

The new rules would allow bylaw officers to blitz neighbourhoods they believe to be rife with problems, but they would still have to give a month's notice to tenants and landlords before inspecting inside homes.


Anonymous said...

This is an outrage!! My wife and i are spending 90% of income on doing up the apartments.. Why should we have to pay for other slum landlords? At the end of the day it is up to the tenant to decide if they want to live in an place or not, not the government.

Tom Dampsy said...

Anonymous I absolutely agree; we are in the same boat. The city already has bylaws and rules, all they have to do is get off their arses and enforce them. Presently, the city works on a complaint base and now they want to work on a dictorial base. We need to say no. My opinion, it's our taxes that support city hall - our property taxes that support city hall. Slum lords have caused havoc for us in all areas of real estate.