Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Get Rich, Stay Rich

March sales in our area rebound with a fury…yeah! Sales were within 7% of last year. I realize we had a pent up of buyers from the miserable winter we had but I am cautiously optimistic. Is our market dead? Nope, I don’t think so, I think we will remain stable and balanced.

I just read a book called “Get Rich, Stay Rich, Pass it on” by Catherine S. McBreen and George H. Walper Jr. Interesting read, a little repetitive for me however overwhelmingly this book goes on about owning investment real estate. The findings are based on 10 years or research interviewing thousands of families. It confirms what I call the “Department Store” effect. At any one point stocks are up and real estate is down or real estate is up and stocks are down. By investing in different areas helps insulate us from challenging times.

I am a REALTOR® so investment real estate works for me ;). Rental income produces a constant monthly return well into our future. In fact, it is something you can pass onto your heirs. Land, “if you can afford it”, can be easier to manage, bigger pay off usually longer hold pattern for a return.

First things first: credit card debt should be paid off monthly, your first investment should be your home and from there carefully consider what could work for you, do you hire a management company or do you take more of a hand’s on approach? Worth discussing further.

Everyone's circumstance is different. There are some very good (as Warren Buffet calls them) cigar butts out there that do not cost a lot of $ (investment) to enter the market. Interest rates are incredibly low, maybe it’s time to take advantage!

I always have time for a coffee or a juice!


iain00 said...

ondon is a great city to become rich, to stay rich is easy if you know how to handle your money. there are so many great things about london that even if you dont become hugely rich, you'l find it hard to leave.

Tom Dampsy said...

iain00, I agree with you! I moved here 25 years ago and don't want to leave. I enjoy what London has to offer although I don't fully take advantage of everything London has. It seems to be a gateway to everything - a secure little blanket in the middle.