Monday, April 20, 2009

Can't we all just get along?..

I just returned from visiting my mom in Winnipeg. The Winnipeg news featured 3 top stories throughout the weekend. The flood and how the communities are pulling together helping one another, Susan Boyle the singing sensation from Britain’s Got Talent show - over 35 million views on You Tube within the week - showing us anything is possible, and the unions comments about the Chrysler bail out.

I hate win lose situations; I much prefer win-win. The union has publicly announced they will not negotiate anymore with the government. The fate of the company hangs while this game continues to play out. Windsor with 14% unemployment does not want to afford another plant closing. I hope it is the workers in that plant that are voting for their fate. You see, they are not just voting for their fate, but the fate of many businesses and communities these workers and this company supports. The decision to keep working and take less money during this downturn should be the decision of the people working at the plant…those affected the most.

I know someone who owns a company with a fairly large workforce. The union contract is up in the fall; apparently he has asked to negotiate now so that he can bid on jobs and keep his people working. No work, no pay! Because he does not know what his labor rates will be, he cannot bid on work. Who loses? The worker, you, and me! I am not against unions, but I am against win-lose. Cami kept 2 shifts going on reduced work weeks and unemployment picks up some of the tab. That means we all share in this; that to me is a win-win, working together, supporting our communities together.

Together we stand, divided we fall! As REALTORS® we compete against one another and then turn around and work with one another with one common goal sell a property; make a buyer happy and a seller happy. By working towards a win-win anything becomes possible.

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