Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My thoughts on the new mandatory energy audits

Energy Audits before you sell your home, I’m not sure on this one.

Pro: Lets the buyer know the efficiency of the property they are buying?
Con: Can be used against the seller in negotiating a final/fair price.

Pro: Shows the buyers where improvements can be made to save money on their energy usages.
Con: Forces the seller to spend $

Pro: National Association of Green Agents and Brokers apparently has a kit for a preliminary examination which points out areas in which small changes can help reduce energy costs and improve a property’s score.
Con: Question: could anybody “cook the books” for a better score?

Pro: Only licensed auditors will perform these audits.
Con: Exactly what does the licensing entail? Licensing plumbers, electricians and carpenters take several years; will an auditor be as educated? After all, they are providing a professional opinion indirectly on these trades.

I read that new windows don’t necessarily save money (energy) compared to old. I believe most building inspectors will tell you my 100 year old windows should be replaced. I get a little anal sometimes and this winter we tested out my “grandparent theory”… Close the drapes! Our living/dining room is 30 feet by 16 feet with 2 large windows facing south and 2 large windows facing west. Our experiment involved opening the drapes one evening, and closing them the next. We found a 4-5° difference in temperature. Our grandparents were right, 5° warmer with the drapes closed! So if you want to be warmer…close the drapes. If you want them open, understand the extra cost associated. It’s your money!

My drapes would be closed for an energy audit. Would I pass or fail? How would we know if any standard testing could be strictly adhered to? Impossible! I am all for reducing costs through education and choices but I don’t believe we should be forced.

Comments Please?

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