Thursday, February 12, 2009

Do-Not-Hesitate to-Call List

Do Not Call
Was the Do-Not-Call list designed to fail?

Before registering on the list, my cellular phone rarely received unsolicited phone calls. That has changed. My cellular phone receives calls from U.S. telemarketers daily.

Many Canadians may find themselves in the same position. It has been reported that the Do-Not-Call list may have gotten into the wrong hands.

Any telemarketer can access the list by going to the National Do Not Call List website and paying a small fee. They are required to check the list regularly to ensure they are not calling registered numbers. However, anyone can pose as a telemarketer to access the list. According to reports, the list has been sold to off-shore and U.S. telemarketers and scam artists. If you recall, the Do-Not-Call list only applies to Canadian telemarketers.

As such, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) are unable to stop any calls coming from outside of Canada since it is out of their jurisdiction. When asked about what actions CRTC would take against telemarketers overseas, CRTC responded by saying they will take all complaints seriously and conduct investigations if an individual or organization is misusing the list. While CRTC is unable to stop incoming calls, they have the right to impose penalties in the form of fines ranging from $15,000 per call against a company or $1,500 per call against an individual. However, fines can go as low as one cent per call also.

Monday, February 9, 2009

"January market feels the chill"

Real Estate Market Update

Want to know how the London area real estate market performed in January? Click here to read this great article.

Article Highlights
- 2.5% drop in average home price compared to last January
- 35% drop in homes sold compared to last January
- downturn in Canadian real estate market still mild compared to the U.S.