Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Market Slowdown was expected!

Market slowdown!
This was anticipated and I believe the market will pick up in September after kids have returned to school; most cottages are closed for the winter, summer vacation is over, teenagers have settled in university and nursery’s swing into full operation. There is a lot of preparation in August for the beginning of our fall routine which starts after the Labor Day weekend. If you are participating in any of the above it’s hard to divide your time into other activities. Real Estate has for the 24 years I have been selling is slow this time of year.
Now let’s add the implementation of the HST which slowed our market even more. The anticipation of the new tax caused a “run” on properties in the spring. Our market corrected for the extra activity through the summer same as it did with the implementation of the GST.
Utility surprises when we opened our bills in July with the new tax and remember Hydro announced in June a 17% increase. That takes a little getting used to!
TGSO, thank god summer’s over! and we return to a normal market.
Is our market going to take off and go crazy? No I think we are going to experience a steady balanced market. If you are selling make sure your property is priced right and you have followed “prepare you home for showing” checklist found at www.link2realty.ca/articles/PreparingYourHomeForShowing.pdf (copy paste in your browser)now is a great time to prepare for the after Labor Day movement!

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