Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Telemarketers, do not call!

Do Not Call
Starting September 30, 2008 you will be able to register your telephone, cell-phone, and/or fax numbers on the National Do-Not-Call List (DNCL). This list will contain the names and numbers of consumers who do not want to receive unsolicited calls from telemarketers. You can register up to three different numbers on the list, and will be responsible for re-registering them after a three-year expiry period.

Telemarketers are required to monitor the list and remove any numbers they find on it from their call lists. They will be allowed 31 days to update their lists, so you may continue to receive unsolicited calls for a few weeks after registering your numbers.

Bell will be responsible for registering numbers, providing telemarketers with up-to-date versions of the National DNCL, and receiving consumer complaints about telemarketing calls.

You can sign up by telephone, fax or email. Visit www.lnnte-dncl.gc.ca or call 1-866-580-3625 (DNCL) after September 30th to register your numbers. I know I will be!

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