Monday, June 9, 2008

New city bylaw cracking down on basement bedrooms

From what I understand, the student sale/rental market is in the process of changing quite significantly. The city of London has agreed with the Fire Department in the “dangers” of renting basement bedrooms. The city is allowing the Fire Department to inspect (rental) properties and “disqualify” the basement bedrooms. The fire department has taken the position that a basement bedroom must have a “man” size egress; large windows are no longer acceptable if the unit is a rental. Owners selling properties with basement bedrooms are struggling in achieving top dollar values as the buyers are discounting the income from the basement bedrooms.

If you disagree with this, phone City Hall and ask. This new bylaw could mean that any bedroom in the basement is illegal unless it has a walk-out. It is not just affecting rentals, but could affect the whole city.

I am all about safety, however I am against discrimination. If you have any objections to this new bylaw, call City Hall and let them hear you.

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