Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Some London market stats for you

Real Estate Market Update

I thought this would make a great post for all of you; it's a section from my newsletter "Bricks & Mortar Real Estate Reporter":

Record breaking 769 sales in September
Slower 581 sales recorded in October.
November continues to taper.
Normal slowdown as we approach Christmas.

2007 average house price $202,256.00
2008 average house price $212,034.00

That’s a whopping increase of 4.85%.
Some segments have tapered a bit…
Declines from 2007 YTD

Ranches, St. Thomas down 2.5%
Bungalow, south London down 0.9%
Ranches, south London down 0.2%
Condos, east London down 1.3%
Townhouse, east London down 0.1%
Bungalow, Strathroy down 3.2%
Townhouse, Strathroy down 15.7%

Overall positive growth.

Have you read the December edition yet? Click here for a copy.

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